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Brad Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt In New York City!


I love that Brad took Maddox with him to New York City – it gave the two some father/son time and gave us some great new Maddox Jolie-Pitt pictures! Mad’s getting so big! He’s becoming such a little gentleman!

Brad took Maddox to Dave & Busters after the Clinton Global Initiative and then the two headed to JFK to ostensibly head back home to France. I love the photo of Maddox looking in his takeout box! I wonder what he got? If he’s like my son, it probably is something fried!

Are you guys as happy as I am to see new photos of Maddox?



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Would You Look Like This?


When I first saw these pictures of Brad on the red carpet in Spain, my first thought was “wow – can you imagine being a celebrity and having to walk up to a wall of people begging for your attention like this?” Then I realized that not all celebrities have to deal with this level of fan-dom. Brad and Angelina are both so beloved by their fans that it’s actually common to see fans react like this when they are in their presence. And both Brad and Angie are so wonderful that they always take time out to sign a few autographs and to take a few pictures with the fans.

But still, can you imagine how brave you have to be to walk up to a wall of fans like this? At first I started giggling at some of the women in the front who look to be literally begging for his attention.

And then I realized that if I were to be lucky enough to be at a premiere and to see Brad in person? I’d…um…I’d *coughprobablylookthesamecough*.

How about you? How would you react if you were able to be at one of these red carpets?


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Brad Pitt In Spain!


Sorry I’ve been absent a few days guys – I’ve been working on some things, including getting JPN to it’s new home! It should be there by the end of the weekend!

Brad made a lovely appearance at the San Sebastian Film Festival with Quentin Tarantino to present Inglourious Basterds – but from what I’m reading, no presentation is necessary! The world is flipping out over this movie. It has an 88% over at Rotten Tomatoes, which is definitely impressive!

Here are a few shots of Brad arriving, headed to the photo call and his appearance last evening! And you have to check out the shoes – are they too much or what?!


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Inglourious Basterds Does Great at Box Office!

Looks like Inglourious Basterds did better than most industry experts expected it to do! The movie smashed through the expectations for it, raking in $37.6 M in it’s first weekend! The numbers break down as so:

Friday: $14.35 M
Saturday: $12.9 M
Sunday: $10.3 M

School is back in session for many children – my children don’t start until next Monday (someone send Calgon! Quick! They’re bickering already!) and I’m sure that while some children are in school, many parents might sneak away to see the movie!

My sister-in-law and I both really want to see it, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll sneak away next week when the kids start school!

(BTW, my youngest is starting kindergarten – someone save me!)

Here are a few fun videos of the premiere – enjoy!


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