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Nice Angelina Jolie Interview

AngieMomIt’s often difficult to tell if the Angelina Jolie interviews that pop up are new or if they’re just recycled stories. At least, though, this interview is a good one – here are a few excerpts.

  • “I am just a dedicated mother and really quite normal,” she tells OK! “I dedicate my free time to my United Nations work; I have a sincere interest in social issues. At the same time, my main focus is on my children. I want to be with them for the big moments in their lives.”
  • Angelina reportedly flew to Ethiopia with daughters Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3, for two days.
  • “I don’t ask for all this tabloid attention, so I never read what they write about us,” says Jolie. “I have a family to take care of. I don’t even go out that much, I travel and do a film and that’s about it so I don’t understand why people want to know more about our lives.”
  • For her part, Angelina is completely unfazed by the endless speculation about her love life and her health. “There is a tendency to know more and more, but I’m so used to this craziness which always surrounds us,” she says.




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