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More Photos and Video of Brad Pitt at Clinton Global Initiative

Here’s a few more photos of Brad at the Clinton Global Initiative, and a wonderful video! I love listening to him speak, especially when it’s about something he’s passionate about!



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Brad Pitt at the Clinton Global Initiative


Brad Pitt did indeed appear at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City today to discuss all that has been going on with the Make It Right campaign. He talked about the houses that have already been built and the ones that are going to be built. And check this little piece of information out:

The average electric bill for one of the energy-efficient homes built in New Orleans by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation is $35 a month

Can you imagine?! Only $35 a month?! We’re pretty careful about the energy we use in our house, and we still hit at least $75 a month, and definitely over that in the summer months when we need to run the air conditioner. And apparently it’s even getting cheaper to build the houses as they’re building them, proving to Brad that there’s no reason why we can’t all build homes like those that are being built in New Orleans.

“I don’t know how we build any other way anywhere else,” he said. “We can no longer tell ourselves that implementing this technology is too complex a problem because it’s just been proven on this little spot on the map.”

And not only did Brad update everyone on the homes, he accepted a honor from the US Green Building Council for constructing the largest community of green homes in the world – that’s some honor!

I may not love Brad’s goatee as shaggy as it is, but I definitely love all of the amazing things that he and Angelina do for the world.


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Some Buildings from Brad Pitt’s MIR


They’re not photos of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or the Jolie-Pitt kids, but I think these pics are actually pretty special. They’re photos that are taken in person by a blogger who blogs at Smiles Matter. These photos really showed me how amazing (and large!) the houses that Make It Right are creating, and how they’re getting them done, bit by bit.

Thanks so much for these photos, Charlie! Pop on over to Charlie’s site to see more amazing photos from New Orleans!


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