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New Photos! Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Shiloh and Zahara Get Some Fruits and Vegetables!


We all love seeing the family do normal, every-day family things, and what’s more normal than going to the grocery store?! Brad, Angelina, Shiloh and Zahara were spotted getting some fruits and vegetables at a little fruit and vegetable stand in France just recently.

I love how cute the girls look! Princess Zee looks as though she’s a bit upset at the Paparazzi, but Shiloh’s taking it all in stride. Looks like they’ve got their silkies with them and I love how Shiloh is wearing Angelina’s hat! Seeing this family always makes me smile, even if Brad is visibly a bit upset at the paparazzi taking photos of the family (I can’t blame him – I’d be upset too if they got that close! Bad paparazzi! Use your telephoto lenses!)

Still, I tend to wonder what the family bought – can you tell?



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Nice Angelina Jolie Interview

AngieMomIt’s often difficult to tell if the Angelina Jolie interviews that pop up are new or if they’re just recycled stories. At least, though, this interview is a good one – here are a few excerpts.

  • “I am just a dedicated mother and really quite normal,” she tells OK! “I dedicate my free time to my United Nations work; I have a sincere interest in social issues. At the same time, my main focus is on my children. I want to be with them for the big moments in their lives.”
  • Angelina reportedly flew to Ethiopia with daughters Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3, for two days.
  • “I don’t ask for all this tabloid attention, so I never read what they write about us,” says Jolie. “I have a family to take care of. I don’t even go out that much, I travel and do a film and that’s about it so I don’t understand why people want to know more about our lives.”
  • For her part, Angelina is completely unfazed by the endless speculation about her love life and her health. “There is a tendency to know more and more, but I’m so used to this craziness which always surrounds us,” she says.



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Angelina Jolie Visits Kenya


I’ve spent most of my weekend relaxing with my kids and catching up on a bit of work. Angelina Jolie, however, spent her Saturday in Kenya, drawing attention to the severe overcrowding problem that the country is dealing with.

I love how dedicated Angelina is to being a UNHCR ambassador and how much she does for others – it’s always such a beautiful thing to see. It’s sad, though, that we need to have people like Angelina, isn’t it? It sounds corny, but world peace would be a wonderful thing to achieve in our lifetime.

As you know, they only release photos after Angelina has left the area, and these just popped up. I’m sure there will be more soon! More photos as they become available!


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Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox Battling for Barbarella?

All right, file this one under “I’m not quite sure I believe it”. Sources in Hollywood are saying that the cult classic, Barbarella, is getting remade and that Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both fighting for the main role.

From what I can tell, a Barbarella remake was in the works last year or so, and, at the time, Robert Rodriguez was going to be directing it. He had planned on hiring Rose McGowan for the lead role, making her Barbarella.

Now, apparently, a new director – Robert Luketic, is taking over the project and will be working with a new studio, which means that McGowan is out and a new lead is needed.

According to the sources, both Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox want the lead role. Now these same sources say that Angelina is worried about the difference in their ages and that casting directors will not find her young enough to play Barbarella.

Barbarella, if you hadn’t seen it, is about an Earthling woman who gets sent to a different planet in order to save a scientist. While there she discovers sex (because at that point people on Earth have sex through pharmaceuticals – yes – it’s odd), and the whole film is something like a campy version of a Red Shoe Diaries episode.

I’ve only managed to catch a bit of it, but now that I’ve heard this tale my interest has been kindled and I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Again, I have no idea if this story is true or not. But I wonder what it would look like if Angelina Jolie did play Barbarella. Hmmm…maybe like this:



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What Language the Jolie-Pitts Speak at Home


I had the rare opportunity to speak with my sister-in-law last night. She lives in California and for some reason we seem to have a difficult time calling each other due to the 3 hour time difference. Whenever she goes to call me it’s too late, and I tend to call her when she’s working, which doesn’t work!

Anyway, she was telling me about my nephew, who is 9, and how his school is going. He’s in what is known as a dual-immersion program, which means that they speak a mixture of Spanish and English in the classroom. She said that his teacher was shocked at how well he was speaking Spanish, since my sister-in-law and her husband speak no Spanish at home.

This got me to thinking about the Jolie-Pitt family and about what they speak at home. About a year ago or so, Angelina Jolie mentioned in an interview that Maddox Jolie-Pitt spoke excellent French, and that they watched French cartoons and television shows whenever they were in France. Angelina said that she and Brad had to brush up on their French to keep up with him.

Being that the family travels so much, and the children are immersed in such different cultures, I wonder what language they speak when they’re at home! Do you think they speak English? French? Or do you think they speak a mixture of languages?

I think it’s wonderful that the children are being given the opportunity to truly see the world, but I am curious about the little things, like what language they all speak. What language do you think the Jolie-Pitt family speaks when they’re at home?


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New Pictures of Angelina Jolie and Shiloh in France!


I absolutely love Shiloh Jolie-Pitt photos! Wait, I love any photos of the family! And I always feel like we get lucky whenever we get to see some new pictures.

Angelina and Shiloh were spotted shopping in Ajaccio, France today (those time zones mess me up!) and it looks like the two of them were having a great time! Shiloh has a cute little toy (I’m wondering if it’s for her or for her little siblings?) and Angelina, who is always so gracious with fans, looks to have spent a few moments talking with a few people.

Shiloh is getting so big, isn’t she?! I can’t believe how much older she’s looking recently!

I love that Angelina and Brad make special time with all of the children – it’s a very important thing to do no matter how many kids you have!

Enjoy the new photos of Angelina and Shiloh shopping in France!


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Angelina Jolie as a Bridesmaid

I’ve been blogging about Brad and Angelina for three years, but I still come across photos and videos that I haven’t seen yet – which makes the job extremely fun for me!

I just came across some photos that I’d never seen before – it’s Angelina as a bridesmaid in her assistant Holly’s wedding.


I know that Angelina and Holly are close, but something about these pics really touches me. We, the Jolie-Pitt fans, know that Brad and Angelina are normal people who live extraordinary lives, and I think that by seeing her be a bridesmaid it just reminds me even more about how she’s simply a normal (albeit wonderful) woman .

But still, can you imagine having Angelina Jolie as your bridesmaid?! And I think that both she and Holly look absolutely gorgeous, don’t you? (And is little Maddox adorable or what?!)

Just so you all know, you can now just type in and you will be automatically brought to this site! Our new permanent home is almost done, and that will be the address! Thanks!


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