2 responses to “ShoppingEdit9

  1. Jacqueline

    just HAVE-TO comment again!! Whatever it is they’re eating, it’s obviously very yummy indeed!! Do I detect a small ‘paunch’ in Brad’s cheek also? Dare he have taken a morsel for himself also? Do you think that Shi is really trying to hide? Poor Jolie-Pitts, they cannot ever do anything in secret!
    I know that the French enjoy a huge selection of the most delicious foods, so who can blame our favourite family to want to get out-there and enjoy the pleasures of food-shopping locally.

  2. Kati

    Jacqueline – I agree with you. It seems that also Brad is eating something. And how cute does Shi look while eating whatever it is she´s eating. She looks so cute with that UNHCR cap and seems to be very concentrated on her eating. Zee has this very serious expression on her beautiful face. Maybe she´s wondering about the thing that´s on her hands. My guess is that it´s a piece of some fruit or vegetable and she is wondering “Should I eat this? LOL. She looks really beautiful when she´s smiling but those paps make her so upset that quite often she has this angry look on that pretty face. Those people should leave this family minding their own business and leave them alone. They are normal people just like the rest of us. Why can´t some people finally understand that?

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