4 responses to “ShoppingEdit6

  1. kimmy

    Angie is really sexy here.. love her legs! Shiloh is rally a tomboy! haha! the way she wears her hat is just like the way my niece wears her hat too,

  2. Jacqueline

    aaahhh, the comfort-clothies; I rememebr them so well (in fact I know my two daughters- now 22 & 25, STILL carry ragged remants of theirs around if away from home! They would hate me if they knew I told you :o).
    These family snaps are my most favourites.
    So-true: a picture says a thousand words . . . . .

  3. Kati

    OMG! Both Zee and Shi look so cute in this pic. I just noticed how tall Zee´s legs are. She´s gonna be a tall young lady. Maybe she will be a model one day just like her mum. That hat she´s wearing is just adorable. And it´s easy to see that she´s dad´s little girl. Shi looks like a little tomboy. She, too, will be a tall young woman. Those blankies the girls have are also adorable. Those silkies that Shi always has with her seem to be her trademark. I love them. Also Zee blanket is cute.

  4. Jacqueline

    well, when they’re inside Angie’s definitely got a jacket of some sort on – but now, where is it?? It’s the same shop isnt it?

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