3 responses to “ShoppingEdit12

  1. dhc

    Randi-I can always count on you for the newest pictures. Thank you. I think Zahara may have better radar than her famous father. She seems to tip off her parents about the photographer. I wonder if the boys turn down a turn to grocery shop or if we just happen to catch pictures of the girls. I love that they are allowed a certain amount of creativity in how they dress. I got flack from the in-laws when I let me daughter wear her pink boots with everything. Now that she is older it is a pair of neon yellow converse.

  2. kimmy

    Zee-zee really hates papz, just take a look at her expression.. and oh, I really love it when Angie is just wearing her slippers.. 🙂 so cute!

  3. Jacqueline

    we know that Angie & Brad say that they are not so hot in the kitchen, so I’d like to know what they’re buying and whether it is snack-foods like fresh fruit, figs, dates and nuts, or actually ingredients for a meal! Surely they must be experimenting at cooking something together . . . . surely cakes at least!!!

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