3 responses to “ShoppingEdit10

  1. kimmy

    looks like Shiloh is hiding while eating! LOL!

  2. Jacqueline

    there’s nothing like small children to make us all feel ‘universal-normality’ !! Who cannot say they have never let their kiddies eat some of the shopping on the way round all the aisles?? It’s always a sure-fired way to be able to get-round without too many interruptions!
    These pics are so very intimate and endearing; I find myself feeling very intrusive to view them . . . . they’re so cute, so lovely. I hope that the Jolie-Pitts may always be allowed to participate in these daily family tasks, which obviously give them so much pleasure. I am overcome with empathy for their plight . . . . rendered speechless now . . . . :))
    well-done Randi; bless you x

  3. Kati

    This pic is really cute. Shi is hiding while having her snack. She is really concentrating on eating and doesn´t seem to mind that the paps are taking her picture. Unlike her big sis who´s turned her back to those guys and is talking (?) to her mum and dad. She really dislikes those guys and I don´t blame her. When Shi grows a little bit more I´msure that she, too, will start to show her dislike for paparazzis just like her big brothers and big sis.

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