New Photos! Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Shiloh and Zahara Get Some Fruits and Vegetables!


We all love seeing the family do normal, every-day family things, and what’s more normal than going to the grocery store?! Brad, Angelina, Shiloh and Zahara were spotted getting some fruits and vegetables at a little fruit and vegetable stand in France just recently.

I love how cute the girls look! Princess Zee looks as though she’s a bit upset at the Paparazzi, but Shiloh’s taking it all in stride. Looks like they’ve got their silkies with them and I love how Shiloh is wearing Angelina’s hat! Seeing this family always makes me smile, even if Brad is visibly a bit upset at the paparazzi taking photos of the family (I can’t blame him – I’d be upset too if they got that close! Bad paparazzi! Use your telephoto lenses!)

Still, I tend to wonder what the family bought – can you tell?



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15 responses to “New Photos! Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Shiloh and Zahara Get Some Fruits and Vegetables!

  1. mslewis

    I love seeing photos of the family but I feel so bad when I see how upset Zahara gets. I wish the paps (or who ever is taking these pics) would stand back so the kids can’t see them. Shiloh seems to be taking it all in straid!!!

  2. angela

    aww… this outing is really cute.
    Shiloh looks like she’s ready to go home because she has her beloved cookie or chip??? she is just full of joy and the UN cap looks cute on her. i love Z’s boots. Brad and Angie are looking good.

  3. Kati

    Thanks for these adorable pics, Randi! You´re spoiling us JP fans! I was having a bad day but seeing this beautiful pics truly made my day. I also feel bad that the paps have to follow this family everywhere. It really makes Zee upset. She still looks adorable wearing those rain boots and being in her dad´s arms seems to be giving her comfort. I especially love that pic #3 in which Brad is holding Princess see and he´s looking tenderly at Zee. It´s so obvious that Zee is daddy´s little girl. And how adorable does Shi look? I remember seeing that same UNHCR cap on Mad some years ago. She has grown a lot lately and it´s easy to see that she´s gonna be a tall young lady. But it´s not a wonder. After all both Brad and Angie are tall. Miss the twins. Hopefully the next time Brad and Angie will finally take Knox and Viv out with them! God bless the JPs!

  4. kimmy

    thank you so much for the pics Randi! love it!
    i really love Shiloh,, the way she dress and the hat! haha! maybe someday she will be like her Mummy, an UN Ambassador.. 🙂

    God Bless them!

  5. Kati

    kimmy – I sooo agree with you. Maybe Shi will follow her mum´s footsteps and become an UN goodwill ambassador. According to some story she is very kind and gentle big sis and loves to help out with Knox and Viv. So maybe when she grows older she will be like her mum:always willing to help those who need help. And who knows. Maybe she will be an actress just like her mum and follow her parents´ footsteps in entertainment world. But it´s still too early to tell what she wants to do when she grows older.

  6. Kati

    BTW. I think that these pics must have been taken yesterday (Sept. 28).Mad and Brad left NYC on Sept. 26 so they certainly were back in France late Sunday night (Sept. 27). I could be totally wrong but that´s my wild guess.

  7. pretty women

    Jolie-Pitt family is so cute and happy. Wish their forever like that until to get the end life.

  8. Mary Ann

    Randi, thanks so much for the cute pictures. After seeing the mob’s of people in NYC trying to get to Brad and Madd, we should completely understand why they have made France their home. I also hate seeing how upset Zee gets, but could you image if she had been with Brad in NYC. As for Shiloh, I think she is the child that makes everyone laugh and smile. I have a 10 year granddaughter just like that and it warms my heart just to watch and listen to her. So I am sure Brad and Angie feel the same about Shi. I also have the feeling that she might try to console Zee and make her happy.

  9. Kristen

    What adorable pictures! Thanks for posting!

  10. Tina

    Love this family very much. Shi so cute and love Zee boot.
    Angie as usual wearing black again but still looking good.
    May god blees this family forever.

  11. Jacqueline

    just look at Shi’s expression- she’s found her favourite snacks for-sure !!
    Randi, these pics are totally adorable; I love everything in them and about them!!

  12. Kati

    Jacqueline – I sooo agree with you. Shiloh looks really happy after finding her favorite chips. She really must love those chips since it looks like she´s holding onto that bag really tight. She looks very happy to be out with big sis Zee and their mum and dad. These kind of special outings sure are very important to all the JP kids. It means that they can have their parents all to themselves for a few hours. I´s so happy that they can go grocery shopping like any normal family. In the States there would be so many paps following them that especially Princess Zee would get very upset. In France they at least have some privacy and normalcy in their lives. I wouldn´t be at all surprised if the family will start to spend all their free time here in Europe.

  13. 007

    Haha… love the way they’re all munching on the bio-goodies (like in picture #10)…

    Cheers Randi

  14. eva/bc

    I will only look on any tv/news if the Jolie-Pitt are there! Still happy & together unlike J.A who is collecting diff. guys, diff relationship as always.


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