Rumored DVD Release Date for Inglourious Basterds


There were rumors, when Inglourious Basterds first came out, that the movie was not very good. There were rumors that it was going to bankrupt the Weinstein brothers and that it was going to flop massively.

That’s why we shouldn’t listen to rumors. They’re so often wrong!

Estimates show Inglourious Basterds as having earned something to the effect of $227.91 million worldwide so far. Let me repeat that – $227.91 MILLION.

Everything that I’ve heard about this movie says that it’s amazing, and even though I didn’t get the opportunity to watch it in the theater (we have a really small theater here), I am definitely going to be watching it when it comes out on DVD.

And now we have a potential release date for that DVD release. Den of Geek is reporting that the US DVD and Blu-Ray release of Inglourious Basterds is December 15, 2009.

I’m not sure if this is accurate or not – I sort of hope it is, though! Do you think that Inglourious Basterds could be released so soon?



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6 responses to “Rumored DVD Release Date for Inglourious Basterds

  1. mslewis

    That seems awfully soon for such a big hit movie!!! But I know that “Star Trek” will be on DVD in November and wasn’t it out early this summer? So, maybe this rumor has some truth to it. I’ll add it to my “saved” list on Netflix so I’ll be able to get it as soon as its released.

  2. angela

    Randi, there’s tons of photos of Brad and Angie doing grocery with Z and Shi. it’s really cute.

  3. Kati

    mslewis – I agree with you. That December 15 sounds too good to be true. I don´t think that IB comes out as a DVD so soon. But we´ll never know. I really wish it did. You lucky Americans will get it first. I think it´ll take some weeks after that before it gets released here in Finland. But I truly wish that it will come out in December. Maybe if I wish hard enough I could get it for Christmas even here in my home country. truly enjoyed the movie although I´m not a big Quentin Tarantino fan. But Brad and the rest of the actors made it worth watching. Actually I found it quite funny.

  4. Mary Ann

    Seems a little quick to me also. But whenever we will be getting it.

  5. Sry for writing OFFTOPIC … what WordPress theme are you using? It looks cool!

  6. i like war movies and inglourious basterds is one of the movies that i really love ”`

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