Angelina Jolie as a Bridesmaid

I’ve been blogging about Brad and Angelina for three years, but I still come across photos and videos that I haven’t seen yet – which makes the job extremely fun for me!

I just came across some photos that I’d never seen before – it’s Angelina as a bridesmaid in her assistant Holly’s wedding.


I know that Angelina and Holly are close, but something about these pics really touches me. We, the Jolie-Pitt fans, know that Brad and Angelina are normal people who live extraordinary lives, and I think that by seeing her be a bridesmaid it just reminds me even more about how she’s simply a normal (albeit wonderful) woman .

But still, can you imagine having Angelina Jolie as your bridesmaid?! And I think that both she and Holly look absolutely gorgeous, don’t you? (And is little Maddox adorable or what?!)

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9 responses to “Angelina Jolie as a Bridesmaid

  1. Kati

    Thanks for these absolutely beautiful pics, Randi! Both Holly and Angie look just beautiful. And little Mad! He is just gorgeous. Hard to imagine how young he´s been when Holly got married. When was it by the way? Now Mad is a big boy. Already 8 years old and getting taller each day. Angie look just beautiful in that light blue (?) dress. It´s wonderful to see that despite her enormous celebrity status she is a normal person who acts as a bridesmaid at her best friend´s wedding. I think that Holly and Angie still are very close although they both now have families. They can tell funny stories about their children to each other every time they either phone each other or meet. Hope to see the twins too soon. Missed them a lot.. They sure have grown a lot. God bless this beautiful family!

  2. Jane

    Oh she looked beautiful and Max looked so cute. When was this taken? She is really down to earth as what everybody claims. There no airs about her. Brad and Angie are just fated to be together. Never thought of them being a couple at all. Wonder what were their first thoughts of each other when they first met. Just love them.

  3. Kristen

    I love these photos! Angelina continues to be the most beautiful woman in the world. 🙂

  4. stratoula

    That also happens to me all the tim Randi!Sometimes I think I have seen everything but there are always pics and videos about Brad and Angie that I haven’t seen.Although I have seen those pics a long time ago I absolutely love them and I love seeing them again!Cause they are really really beautiful!!!
    Thanks Randi!!!

  5. Mary Ann

    Randi, thank you for these beautiful pictures. I had never seen them before.

  6. isacutie

    I saw some of these photos before but thanks for posting them Randi. 🙂

    Hey fellow JP fans…this is OT, but i thought I’d share Lauren Bacall’s latest twit about her grandson where she says : Darlins’ do not encourage him by calling him a young Brad Pitt.If he ever reads your comments it will make his ego burst and he will start to pursue women lecherously more then he does now.I do not need a Howard Hughes jr. right now.imageimageimage

    I thought that was funny. I love her and her wit which is why I’m following her in Twitter.

    Anyway, she also posted his pic in twitpic and he does look like a young Brad Pitt:

    What do you guys think?

  7. eva/bc


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